The Arctic ice cap is melting, and foreign powers are eyeing Canada’s Northern riches. She is a sought after corporate comic and has hosted several high-profile events including conferences with for the former President Bill Clinton and Barbara Walters. Prairie comics Big Daddy Tazz and Dean Jenkinson fling the fertilizer as they debate whether the government should shovel subsidies onto family farms. When should you start and should we be allowed to spank other people’s kids? Also on the show this week, should everyone have a pet? John Wing and Derek Seguin take on this debate.

Erica Sigurdson and Ian Boothby take this one on. This episode comes from Vancouver, home of the Winter Games, with a double bill of Olympic-themed comedy match-ups. Next up, comics Dean Jenkinson and Tim Nutt go console to console in a debate over playing video games. Is it time to get rid of the penny? In light of dog-fights, doping and dumb behaviour, do pro athletes deserve our adulation? Next up, comedian Elvira Kurt argues that technology has not helped us as much as her techno-geek opponent Albert Howell would have us believe. Albert for an all-Canadian showdown.

Then, is civil disobedience an essential part of democracy?

Then, is playing hard to get a good idea? Veteran stand-up Glen Foster matches wits with Trevor Boris on the topic of “Free Speech – sometimes is it better to just shut up? Then Jonny Harris and Jon Steinberg debate whether ghosts are real. Plus, comedian Fetival Redican is on a mission to convince freedom of speech advocate Darren Frost that our society could use a little more censorship.


Comedians Say ‘I Do’ at Winnipeg Comedy Festival

Next up, internet developer and comedian Jamie Ollivier tries to convince a skeptical Allyson Smith that online dating is a great way to meet that special someone. Julien Workplace Gossip: Real talent is rare. Local favourite John Sheehan takes on Nathan MacIntosh in a debate about raising the driving age to The show is in Newfoundland this week to join local comics Shaun Majumder and Snook. Harry Doupe Minority Governments.

Thunder Bay Community Auditorium – The Debaters Live!

Madonna, Angelina Jolie and fellow celebrities make the headlines when they adopt children from Africa and Asia. Why put a man in a gorilla suit on the radio?

Derek Seguin Toronto Bashing. So, which sport best represents Canada? Patrick Ledwell and Derek Seguin debate winnkpeg tuition should be free.

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Which of Canada’s two major coasts is superior, the east or the west? Should city folks be able to keep chickens in their back yards? Judy Gold Young Moms vs. Also on the show this week, should everyone have a pet? Deborah Kimmett Medical Checkups. Is there room in Canada’s cities for wildlife to roam? Also on the bill, eccentric funnyman Winston Spears tries to promote his message and prove to Steve Patterson that advertising makes the world a better place.


CBC Radio’s The Debaters (Saturday)

The Debaters comes to you from the True North — Whitehorse. Kelamis Pet Obsession: Scott Faulconbridge Bald is Beautiful.

Comic Kenny Robinson reckons that country music rules the airwaves. John Beuhler Movies vs. Brian Stollery Kids at Home.

Next up, Japanese food fan Tetsuro Shigematsu serves up the funny as he tries to persuade squeamish eater Ian Boothby that even though it’s cold winnipfg sushi is hot! Kate Davis Kid Licenses. Trevor Wilson Traditional Medicine. Lenox Chain Restaurants: Deborah Kimmett ‘Til Death.

From a February, taping at Bishop’s University. Darcy Michael sure thinks so, but Jen Grant thinks it sends a bad message to kids.

If imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, is plagiarism debarers bad? How should young offenders be treated?