On the fourth encounter, Sayaka injures her leg in the fall, allowing Yuki to score the first points in the ensuing encounter. She thinks Shinnosuke is sweet and wonderful and has no idea about his womanizing and other lies. Hanazono warns Fujiko that starting a judo club is tough going and will likely involve much physical work and injuries, and when Fujiko says she will press ahead no matter the hardship, Hanazono vows to help her. Sayaka sees this as an insult and vows to defeat Yawara. He launches into another semi-fictional story that starts in , after he won his first Japan Judo Championship. Yawara is able to finish off her opponent quickly to start giving tips to Fujiko. Yawara waits more than one hour for Shinnosuke, who had promised to take her out to a graduation dinner, but he is a no-show. Matsuda visits his father in the hospital, who is awake and goads him about being out of his league.

Meanwhile, seeing that Yawara is upset by the false news concerning Jigoro, Matsuda takes her to an amusement park, where they also cannot escape strangers who bother Yawara due to her new celebrity status. Teleshikova unleashes another uranage for a yuko and another throw for yuko, now leading Yawara in match points. Yawara brings up the possibility of staying over, and they are interrupted by the ever annoying Kuniko, who pushes Yawara out. However, Yawara is able to counter this move and in the next sequence, pulls Belkens for an ippon. The Tsurukame president announce publicly that Yawara will join the company, and Matsuda warns them not to exploit here. She and Hanazono “accidentally” hold hands again. Jigoro is introduced to the women as coach, but they are not impressed, nor by Hanazono as the assistant; the men are distracted by the half-revealed breasts of the sexpot Mari in her judo uniform.

Meanwhile, seeing that Yawara is upset by the false news concerning Jigoro, Matsuda takes her to an amusement park, where they also cannot escape strangers who bother Yawara due to her new celebrity status. Sakai College’s judo coach Yuutenji tries to recruit Sayaka for his judo club, but she refuses after hearing that the college is also interested in yawaar Yawara. Hanazono arrives just in time to give Fujiko her “un deux trois” encouragement, and she wins despite being very nervous.

Yawara for her part has not figured out what she wants to do. Meanwhile, Matsuda is stuck in traffic and receives a traffic ticket from speeding and reckless driving, and is at risk of missing out on Yawara’s finals match.

After Yawara defeats the 4th, the coach still claims it is going according to plan.

Shinnosuke tells Yawara that “You shine most brilliantly when you do judo,” and tries to kiss her, but Yawara pushes him away and runs off before their 3 pursuers attack him serially over his attempted love-making.

However, all Matsuda can talk about is judo again, and he does not understand Yawara’s real feelings at all, who does not seem to mind. Fujiko’s parents relate her long “tragic” history of never coming in first place, no matter how hard she tried, and believe she will fail here too.

Jigoro and Matsuda spy on Fujiko and Yawara at a cafe. They stand next to Hanazono without knowing who each other is, but they quickly identify Hanazono as the “bad influence” who introduced their daughter to the violent sport of judo.

Jigoro is beaten up by hired goons from a rival dojo because he promised Kaneko he would not use judo to fight them, and Kaneko is forced to marry Simonji after he makes further implied threats.


Later at night, the father peruses Matsuda’s personal “Yawara volumes” there are up to 3 so farand understands better his son’s love or obsession for her but still calls him a “dump mug. As she leaves, Yawara is fooled into thinking that Kuniko might be a good person after all. Accompanied by Sayaka is being trained in Europe by Pornalef, a judo expert who also happens to idolize Jigoro.

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Jigoro accompanies Yawara as a chaperon and also to ask the college president to keep an eye on her. Yawara decides to try to study for her college exam AND train for the tournament so that she can fulfill her promise to Jody, though this will mean pulling exhausting all-nighters.

Hanazono has trouble confessing his feelings to Yawara, whereas Sudoh has trouble keeping himself from pestering Yawara for dates. When they hear that he had even wrestled Yawara, they punish him with judo pins, especially as he refuses to give them Yawara’s phone number. However, Yawara is unmoved. Hanazono swallows the retirement letter to nullify it, and Jigoro shows up to episose the delinquents to desist with a timely judo throw and some accidentally spilled porno videos.

During the match, the robotic Russian Anna Teleshikova uses “dirty tactics” to disable Jody’s knee and defeat her; Jody leaves with a serious injury tearing her left knee ligament. When it comes to his turn, however, Matsuda is unable to tell her his feelings and instead talk about an interview after the world cup. Episodr echoes similar sentiments. In the semifinal, it is Sayaka’s school against Mitsuba College.

Yawara leaves thinking that Matsuda does not care about her as a person and only sees as a walking sports news scoop.

After school Yawara’s three friends reveal that Shinnosuke had sweet-talked each one of them in turn when they episoe coffee, and they are interrupted by Sudoh, who grabs Yawara’s butt and moons the girls before running away. Fujiko in particular is training really hard, and Kojiro shows up secretly to give her tips, saying she is not bad with only 3 months of training. Fujiko bravely and shakingly goes to her match, to protect the weakling Kyon-kyon, who would surely die if she fights.

He takes a creaky beat-up ancient Mercedes taxi from the airport to Belgrade, not knowing it is some km away barely making 12 mph, getting a flat on the way. She makes fun of Tsurukame as a 3rd rate travel company and accuses her of hiding, just like she did at Mitsuba which did not even have a judo team. Fujiko and Hanazono end up holding hands as they pledge fan support to Yawara for the Barcelona Olympics, where judo will be an official sport in her head, however, Yawara has decided to quit judo.

Hanazono is ahead initially, but Inagaki gets the upper hand later, as Fujiko hides behind the Saikai team unable to watch up-close. No one knows where she is since she leaves supposedly for the All Japan in the morning.

Shinnosuke defends himself by claiming he is only doing Matsuda’s bidding by trying to persuade Yawara to enter the tournament, though he is also taking advantage by trying to kiss Yawara. Simonji, the rich creditor, has proposed marriage to Kaneko but is repeatedly rejected. Matsuda sees Jody at an airport while on another celebrity scandal assignment; she apparently has cancelled all her scheduled matches and come to Japan to challenge Yawara.

Despite various unorthodox attacks, the two inevitably fail.


As Fujiko begins her match against one of the Ohtawara twins, Jigoro selfishly orders her to stop her attack to buy time for Yawara to arrive, using up the clock until a few seconds left, when she could have won much earlier and more easily.

It turns out that Fujiko has dislocated her should during the match, and Jigoro fixes her shoulder but tells her not to continue so as to safeguard her judo future he elisode calls episodf “the future of judo”. She calls out for him as he walks away, but he does not turn back or acknowledge her.

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Mitsuba wins as Sayaka’s team has no one to fight further. At home, Yawara is relieved that Jigoro is not “abandoning” her to be Sayaka’s coach, but is troubled by her omission of not telling her grandfather that she intends to lose at the upcoming public debut match. Matsuda notices that Yawara has the same serious look as she shows in her 1112 at home against Jody. Fujiko fpisode by the jazz dancing club and is accidentally pinned by an enormous woman, who she hopes to be the 5th recruit.

Fujiko is overjoyed that Yawara is entering the All Japan, but she just realizes that her arranged appearance with Kato Chu company conflicts with the All Japan tournament dates.

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Tamao says yaawra was easy for hawara to decide to be a mother and homemaker at Yawara’s age. Yawara feels inferior because she does have Kuniko’s big boobs or overt sexiness. To help Yawara, Matsuda cooks up a scheme in which his newspaper would set up a match against the heavyweight judoka Yuki Tohdoh, who weighs 20 kg 44 lb more than Yawara, in her debut; they believe that if Yawara intentionally throws the match, the loss will cause the media to dismiss her as a judoka and henceforth leave her alone.

Yawara gladly agrees because her grandfather’s approval is actually important to her despite her saying otherwiseand because she misunderstood the deal to mean that Jigoro would approve her attending Mitsuba, not just taking the entrance exam for it. Matsuda drives Yawara at breakneck speed to the high school arena in his moped which has no brakes.

Sayuri gives up quickly as well.

Yawara! A Fashionable Judo Girl Episode 112 English Subbed at gogoanime

Fujiko trains tirelessly at the camp and knocks out male judokas, Jigoro asks the judo officials whether they have decided who will represent Japan in the free weight division they have not; they are hoping for Yawara, who is qualified episoode the under 48kg division.

Jigoro likewise gives her encouragement as well as his autographed book. Toranosuke tricks Jigoro into saying that he values judo over any woman or marriage, which is inadvertently confirmed by Jigoro who has to attend his first All Japan Championship.

She dispatches the next 2 to reach semifinals; the same goes for Yawara. Sayaka trains hard for a month and goes to the Inokuma residence, but is rebuffed and thrown by Yawara as an afterthought; in the process Sayaka reveals her secret false tooth, which had fallen out, but also finds out that Yawara is the “strong girl.