Ishita says I want to see you happy. Ashok asks Sarika is Raman dead, did she do the work. Raman says sorry, I also know someone who had similar tragedy a year ago. Ishita tells everything to Romi and asks him to believe her. She says that she loves you all loads but will not be coming on dtb anymore. She says this is how it works, Ruhi, you and me. Yep it was pretty strong!

Waiting for the upcoming epis….. Prayosha 17th Dec – 3: She says my friend taught me this, and draws them. Mihika tells Ishita to collect reports. A vase falls by the wind and she picks it up. Its going to be weird to not have both parents and the protection from both aswell reading such intellectual paragraphs. Darshika Nathashi Senadheera 30th Dec – 4:

I love you Preetu and I always will. She decembber see what I do now and Ishita stops her as she is carrying a baby. She says no, I have to talk to him, why is he angry on food, he can shout on me. Mihika says her instincts are always right, I can help you with this. Ishita says Shagun was jumped down the terrace.

The Episode starts with Amma not being getting good intuition that Appa is leaving. I upgraded from Dragon NaturallySpeaking 11 to 13 and now every time I try to send an email in Thunderbird, the dictation box pops up.

He takes Shagun along and brings her to everyone. Raman checks his bag and says how sweet, all my fav shirts, and everything. She says as you get backpain. She asks Ruhi and I, are we not imp, Ruhi needs her Papa, and us? She says she will marry Subbu, as she trusts him. She drops the clock. She runs to the terrace.


Raman will stop Romi and later will apologize to Ishita. She may have a reason behind this. The clock shows 1.

Romi asks Adi did he play game, who won. Choti K June 05, Tg you at home today or…?? Ishita asks Raman and Abhishek to find her. Ishita asks how did she know this.

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In the coming decdmber of Yeh Hai MohabbateinToshiji throws ishita and shagun out of the house as she feels that Raman did suicide because of her. Ha ha ha …. Prayosha 17th Dec – 2: He asks why did she keep it. Par yeh intzaar ke aakhri lamhe kate nahi katare…. They decide to meet at coffee shop. I recently purchased a laptop.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 16th December Written Episode Update – Telly Updates

He thinks he is seeing her for the last time, he does not want to go temple as he wants her to go, and she should not be here when he goes airport. More than every thing both Karan and Divyanka are very simple and humble off screen too …. Topic by Cornel Rasor. He wishes he does not hurt anyone. Embed this content in your HTML. Ishita says let him go, he could not prepare, we will go to temple and get prasadam, Raman will finish work and come, we will keep everything packed.

Sarika smiles seeing her and shuts the door on her face. Bhalla throwing Ishita out of the house.

Not sure what the flowers are but I know dwcember even ordered new sticker things to put on the bouquets. She will soon find Sarika killed Rinki and the mystery will be solved. Written update Saath Nibhana Saathiya 16 december. Even then Mr Bhalla is saying without any reason Ishitha will not do like this.


Preet June 04, Yeah im at home! Ishita comes there and asks her what happened Sarika. Raman talks to him and says he will drop him to science class.

Bhalla asks him to have samosas and go. He says I think we should tell Simmi. However, now no matter what I dictate, the only result is the word “him”. After they will be lots of upcoming twist.

She comes to them and says Papa and daughter is here and I thought is still in office.

A password will be e-mailed to you. She asks her to forgive Subbu.

: Balika Vadhu 25 December Written Update

She pushes Ishita and jumps from the terrace. She says no, we should know the truth. Im guessin you are too lool, and alright fesitvbox help your mum speak to you later and take care xxx have a great day ahead! We will also get to see some Cute moments between Raman and Ishita where he give her roses and cup of coffee in early morning.

Thanks nivedha for your help I will try.