Duelo de Pasiones She is just so stupid. The ages are certainly messed up in this cast. She finds a job with a company called Empresas Farell, a food distributor. I think I may be the only straight white american male who watches Juan Querendon. Nidia gets mad and demands they leave because they don’t deserve to be there. After Cesar Luis asks Monica for a divorce, she tells him that she is pregnant.

Melinama, thanks for your summary. Saturday, March 22, at 2: Juan returns to Mexico City a wealthy man and acquires Empresas Farrell’s actions. Can this show get any stupider??? Complete —59 —69 —79 —89 —99 —09 —present. Paula stop working and Cesar Luis continues with his love affair with Ivonne.

Complete —59 —69 —79 —89 —99 —09 —present. When Paula is aware of that she gets mad and decides to go to live with her mother. The mullet took me unawares. In the end, Paula and Juan marry.

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Wednesday, July 6, at 3: He goes crazy with jealousy and the next day ajo with Juan in the Farell parking garage until they are both bleeding and bruised. She starts seeing her ex while Perefan is at work.

La Fea Mas Bella Can you imagine a romantic lead in an American show with that haircut? And how long Juan will iuan wearing these shorts-shorts? Yadira and Enrique get married even though she tries to split through the whole ceremony and Yadira gets pregnant and has a baby girl.

She tells her mother querenon she wants to be close to her and for that she will live and find a job in Mexico. But because he can’t work up querwndon courage to break with his wife, he keeps living with her but makes excuses for rarely being at home, saying he is working late a lot. She returned to Mexico to be with her mother.


She finds a job in “Empresas Farell” as a vice-president. Paula had been attending university in the United States.

Paula is heartbroken when she finds out through the office gossip that Monica is pregnant. Juan tries to avoid another ex-girlfriend Erlinda whom he jilted when they were teenagers. Tell that whopper to someone who will believe you. A few minutes after arriving, Nidia notices them and starts to yell at them, telling them they have not right to be there. Your kuan sitting there reading the paper minding your own business.

Caray, Caray!: Cast of “Juan Querendon” with pictures and summaries

I y Barb to fall off a cliff. Friday, August 17, at Due to her strange behavior her family thinks she has terminal cancer.

Paula stop working and Cesar Luis continues with his love affair with Ivonne. Retrieved February 12, I want Flor to get different querrendon.

Then they have passionate sex but Juan subconsciously calls out Paula’s name. Nidia makes a few nasty remarks about Ana and they begin to fight. Wednesday, June 13, at 3: Juan gets the job as chauffeur with Empresas Farel, but in order to empress Marely, he tells the Cachon family that he is actually a lawyer with the company.

When Paula was hired at Empresas Farell, the president of the company, Muan Luis Farell, took an instant liking to her. When Juan leaves the office, he commits suic Nidia approaches her husband making an excuse as to why Juan is at the house. Nidia gets mad and demands they leave because they don’t deserve to be there. Tuesday, June 12, Cast of “Juan Querendon” with pictures and summaries.

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He starts to lose interest when her two daughters, Yadira Dacia Arcaraz and Marely Florencia de Saracho comes into the house. Copy design to my Profile. So Susana goes to another town but leaves him a sweet goodbye note saying he is a wonderful person and she hopes he will return someday to “his Paula”. I think I may be the only straight white american male who watches Juan Querendon.


She asks why and he says she is a married woman. Paula decides to leave her studies in the states and return to Mexico to accompany her mother. She goes to bed dreaming of Juan. He becomes Paula’s chauffeur and falls in love with her as well.

Works produced by Mapat L. But Paula is aware that Cesar Luis is married and that he has a relationship with Ivonne Arlet Teranhis secretary, so she doesn’t accepts his courtship. I remember at first Gaviota also striked me as years older then the young girl-jimadora but now – it’s OK. Juan heartbroken leaves the city. Everyone should note that the local TV systems seem to have adjusted for the time change.

Cachon in his will leaves all his money to charity and leaves the house to Ana and Paula; but Nidia with her lawyer falsify the will and leave Ana a,o Paula out of the will. When Nidia’s husband gets home, she introduces Juan; he takes Juan to his office and asks him to take care of his family after his death.

Want them to continue? Yowza that man’s got a bod.