You are commenting using your Twitter account. Fans of subtitled Euro treats, walk this way”. Series one, episode one”. Montalbano investigates the murder of a loan shark , for which there is initially no shortage of suspects, but the later discovery of another body nearby complicates matters. I know what you mean about Catarella. Have been waiting to read the opinions. Rouget they call it here and I love it.

By the way, I loved the James Bond reboot — thought Casino Royale was great, though the second one less so. Overall, he found the opener “Dull, dull, dull — for two hours”. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. For 2 euros we were given a guided tour of the municipal building in Scicli, which doubles as the police station by two enthusiastic young guides. You are commenting using your Twitter account. I get all nostalgic as soon as I see the house on the beach.

The Man Who Followed Funerals

I was extremely youn by the proposal but I didn’t accept immediately. YM,s gorgeous smile lives long in my head! By the way, I loved the James Bond reboot — thought Casino Royale was great, though the second one less so. In addition to my previous contribution: Today, he is all but forgotten except, perhaps, by film buffs and academics.

She concluded by writing, “The niche appeal and subtitles might be a bit of a barrier, but by the end of the two-hour episode, I’d really warmed to this compelling Italian. Overall, he found the opener “Dull, dull, dull — for two hours”. Sicily has so much to offer.


So, to be accutate, Zingaretti should have always seires a wig. All were released in labelledthe start date of the series with Danish, Finnish, Norwegian and Swedish subtitles. The young montalbano has captured the essence of the older one. Anyway, I hope everyone enjoys this and look forward to the reports.

I wish the subtitles would call his fav fish red mullet and not just mullet. The old, fat, bald one! I bet Luca fans would not be impressed. I can imagine that it all seems quite familiar but also utterly strange!

Just to whet the seeries You are commenting using your Facebook account.

BBC Four – The Young Montalbano, Series 2 – Episode guide

In the Nordic countries the first 18 films are available as Box 1 1—6Box 2 7—12 and Box 3 13— The tone also felt true to the later series.

Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Those that have really did seem to like it though! Especially where she described her rape to Montalbano.

They are distributed by Track Media SL. Hi Mrs P, yes it was very easy to watch. My favorite character besides Zingerettiis Livia.


Young Montalbano S2 (BBC4/DVD) « Taking the Short View

I wonder if things are changing ylung so slightly in the States? Catarella is as daft as a brush in both, and I spotted the young Fazio immediately, and guessed that the guy eyeing up the girls right at the beginning of last nights episode could only be Mimi.

Retrieved from ” https: We plead guilty to the fan worship in this instance, Keith — we are unashamedly fans! Tuesday 19 February Retrieved 29 August As high-summer filler for starters, perhaps? Reboots I suspect Ben Affleck is going to have seies hard time too, with the new Sedies.

In the end it comes down to why room number 2 was — or was not — occupied on the fateful night. We have just watched the last of the YM episodes we recorded. I love these episodes and may undertake a second viewing.