Be careful and always look ahead. Until a few hundred years ago, I was roaming around freely as a cat. Then you should come here and find it out yourself. Because I love you. She was really scared. I will never let anyone else have it. I want to help you. What do you think it is?

Notify me of new comments via email. His real identity is a nekomata. So he sticks around her to get to see her cry. I want to hold you like this. Human feelings should be a fickle thing! Why are you shocked?

yuugen romantica – 萌えなヤンキーをちょうだい

The kitten is more important. Try saying it, no matter what you want I can grant it. You are commenting using your Facebook account.

For a woman that I meet for the first time to be staring at me like that is kinda embarrassing. Due to my poorness, I might need to beat that completionist part of me down with a hammer. He is awkward in expressing his love. Convenient dfama so expensive.

Sakurai Takahiro Release Date: Being forgotten by human yuugsn pain What he likes about his girlfriend: I have a bad feeling about it so I went to look for you, it seems that I was correct.

In times of trouble, nobody cared about me. August 26 The problem child that is forever unable to graduate. Even though I am in this form, you are safe with me so romantuca assure. Then, is there anything you are worried about?


Did you like it when I licked you like that? So come on to the toilet at night, yeah! I feel sorry for you.

[Drama CD] Review – Yuugen Romantica Uchouten (Utashiro & Merry/Mary)

He resides in the broadcasting room. To rise in power, to bring happiness from those kind of thoughts, I was born, taking the form of a snake for some hundred years ago. I feel like I can do anything for your sake. After his unrequited love had finally been fulfilled, he has been enjoying his happiness by being by her side.

I just got a good idea. The person who teased you was me all along! Those who encounter a tengu, they will yuguen put into silence and never return. VS Kigurumi moving by itself Having at trip in a group at an amusement part.

Even he romamtica attractive, but he can be mischievous to get attentions. Notify me of new posts via email. I only rode one once from Osaka to Tokyo. And I cs check on those translations! Was this room…always this empty?

Break da fourth wall If you want whispers in your ears, I can you give plenty of that. Whatever she does is not my business anyway. How are you holding up since that time? Sorry for the trouble but can you bring the kitten here? The flower boy of the toilet. The howling in the gym. I usually try to go to Japan during off travel times because it’s cheaper, but I managed to snag a decent airfare even though it’s sakura season and close to spring break.


I see…say, are you prepared for fall in love for a youkai? Either way, I enjoyed listening to these drama cds well not as much as I enjoyed Love Cuisine. Plus shipping which EMS is really the only option I can selectunless the item is really cheap, a 2nd hand CD might come out only a few dollars cheaper than buying a new one.

That wish, I will grant it for you.

Will it be creepy and funny as I expected or will they incorporate something cute and sweet? You are more lively than I thought. Candle-lit flames are gradually disappearing. Now, I can always be with you.

It was just friends. You seem to have remembered. Is it because you hear my voice, yet unable to see me? Did the spirit attack you again? Thanks for pointing me in some direction xD.