Meanwhile, Abhay is shocked to find out from Danish about the same. Abhay denies of having done so, but is caught by Chand. Jay is furious at Piya for going on the date with the guys as he did not even know them. He is not ready to take no as an answer and says that Abhay has to do this for his own clan. Jay drops Piya home. Kabir, Angad, Misha and Piya are taken to the police station. At dandiya night, Ruhi finds out that Kabir is in love with Misha and decides to help him confess his love to her. Abhay celebrates his and Panchi, Piya and Jeh and Ruhi and Angad’s new-formed relationships by treating the college students.

Panchi and Danish confess their love for each other. He calls Deepanita asking if Panchi and Neel can be married soon. She asks him to leave. He goes to Mahanand to help him out to get Sanchita, tantrik Mahanand asks hundred gold coins from Varun. She takes a lift from Kabir to save herself. Zeenat wishes only Zaara to become Aamir’s second wife for she feels any other girl will take her place in Aamir’s life and separate the two of them. He needs to get some more information about the Khuranas.

Arnab comes with a group of people to kill vampires. Neel is furious to know that Abhay touched Deepanita with the pendant.

It has been influenced by Dravidian languages, Turkic languages, Persian, Arabic, Portuguese, Hindi emerged as Apabhramsha, a degenerated form of Prakrit, in the 7th century A. After some time Zaara and Aamir fall in love with each other, and both Zeenat and Zaara conceive. Abhay is upset as it is difficult for him to stay away from Piya. Abhay is passing by through the same graveyard when he smells human blood.


Meanwhile, Hasina wants Chand to recover soon as she needs her support. He steals it from her for the evening as he plans to reveal Deepanita’s real identity during the pooja at the Dobriyals.

Jeh gives Piya a lift to college. They have to get a drop of blood of a werewolf within seven days.

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They lie to Arnab saying Hasina has asthma, which forces Arnab to remove all the incense from the house. Alina insists on returning home since Jeh shouldn’t realise that they went out. Piya holds Zaaar responsible for all the pain in her life. But Arnab has other plans up his sleeve.

T sees them and gives wrong information to a newspaper about a scandal. Mesajul a fost trimis. Deepanita forces Neel to take Panchi out on a date and make up for what happened in the party.

Jeh aaugat furious at Abhay and tries to hit him, but Abhay warns him of revealing more truths about Jeh.

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Like other Indo-Aryan languages, Hindi is considered to be a descendant of an early form of Sanskrit, through Sauraseni Prakrit. Meanwhile, Abhay questions Chand about werewolves being hurt on the neck. Later, a mechanic comes and Misha is shocked to find out that Abhay has sent him. Alina tells Piya that Neel scolded her and so she wants to stay with her. The Dobriyals support each and other and remain positive about Misha. He also tells them about Hasina. Hasina tells him that her thirst for human blood has taken over and that she is unable to control it.

Sarri but not Sarri: However Zeenat’s innate insecurity causes her to turn green at the very sight of Zaara and Aamir together.

Jeh wonders why Abhay agreed to come for lunch at Alina’s, considering he is a vampire and cannot eat. Abhay and Misha take Neel home. To save Piya, Abhay has no other option but to bring back her memory.


This page contains text from Wikipedia, the Free Encyclopedia – https: He trusts Panchi more than him and decides to find out the truth. Sify 24 Feb Later, Arnab calls Deepanita to discuss his plan, which is overheard by Abhay.

The series begins with Bauer working for the Los Angeles—based Counter Terrorist Unit, in which he is a highly proficient agent with an “ends justify the means” approach, regardless of the perceived morality of some of his actions.

He plans to confess his love to Misha in a unique way. Abhay and Hasina land up at the student protest in the forest. Chirag is scared about zaarx match and seeks help from Jay. On Abhay’s order, the principal announces about the boxing match being compulsory. It is operated by Sahara India Pariwar.

Abhay gives in to her request. A series of surprises makes Panchi curious as to who the guy could be.

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Abhay doubts Jeh’s intentions towards Piya. Piya gets Abhay arrested and Jeh is called to the police station. Meanwhlie, Chand and Hasina are worried about Abhay as Deepanita is dangerous. Abhay leaves to meet Hasina kki he realizes that she is the murderer. He refuses to tell her anything and wants her to trust him.