Continue on through the middle of the maze, mowing through the next three bushes. Boogie with her for awhile until the General of Darkness, Onox , steps in to ruin the party. Hop in the cart, and it will take you through the door heading north. Yoshiki Okamoto of Capcom approached Miyamoto with the idea and, after much back and forth, got the go-ahead. Defeating all four of them is recommended to have an easier time navigating the passage. Step Three Once in the empty space, push the block to your left to the left. Use the fairy to restore your health. Fortress of Winds 4.

Push the upper-right block to unlock the doorways as before and continue right one screen. Being the first dungeon of the game, the Gnarled Root Dungeon is fairly simple in terms of enemy and puzzle difficulty. Several Keese are in here, but you can get rid of them with your sword if they bother you. Tower of Spirits 3 6. When you fend off the Floormasters and make it through the maze, you’ll reach the lair of the boss. Song of the Hero Facebook Twitter Instagram Tumblr. Twenty hits or so should bring him down.

Return here whenever you’re low for a full heal-job.

Gnarled Root Dungeon

The cart will track through a couple of rooms. In the next room are four more Stalfos. Collect it seasobs then proceed back west to the room you just came from.

Make your way through carefully. He will request that Link gather the eight Essence of Nature to restore balance to the seasons of Holodrum and rescue Din.


The Seed Satchel has 20 Oracke Seeds in it. However, it’s only the door you came through. This is where you will obtain the item you need to access the Maku Tree, so go ahead dungen enter. Palace of Winds 6. Cut them down to get a healing fairy.

You can’t head left, and the door ahead is shut, too, but there’s a mine cart ahead. In the next room, you’ll find a group of Gels.

Oracle of Seasons Walkthrough – Gnarled Root Dungeon – Zelda Dungeon

Vah Ruta Dungeon 6. The Snake Level 5: The Demon Level 8: Grab it, then return to the mine cart and get pracle.

It’s tricky to avoid, but can’t go very far. Move a little to the right and go down the set of stairs here.

Once you enter, the doors will shut and you will find four peculiar blocks. This key can open the big locked door to a dungeon boss’s lair. Head through and defeat the boomerang-chucking Moblins. However, unlike the original game, Aquamentus has a few more attacks up its sleeve, er, horn this time. This attack can be blocked by a Shield, but you are wiser to avoid it all together by maintaining your distance and stepping out of the way.

Backtrack left one screen and hop into the blue cart. For now, this is all we can do in Horon Village. For a first dungeon, the Gnarled Root Dungeon is actually somewhat big, though its challenges are mostly minimal.


A good strategy to use here bkss to stay above Aquamentus for better access in attacking the horn, as well as leaving Link in a good position to avoid oncoming attacks. Take out all three Red Moblins in this room to reveal a chest. This is also a good room to recuperate some hearts if you need to by cutting down the shrubbery. You’ll need them later.

Instead, head west and unlock the door. Darkened rooms haven’t been visited yet. Watch out and keep back if it goes into a charge. He gives you a Gnarled Key and tells you to take it to the giant root near the lake to the north. Listen for a noise four beeps to find out if an object is hidden in the room.

And inside it is the entrance to the first dungeon: Walk over to the block just to the left of the one you just moved and push it LEFT. Place one by the crack and let it go off. Now, you have two options: Once you get close, whack him as many times as possible before he goes on the counterattack. Community Wiki Discord Forums.